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Today, data security is more important for business growth than ever before. Any loss of data can impact your internal and customer-facing operations, potentially leading to the loss of trust and loyalty. Storing your data virtually using both cloud environments and data centers provides strong resilience against natural catastrophes, power outages and cybercrime.

To leverage the latest advances in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and Internet-of-Things technology in your business, you’ll need sophisticated storage infrastructure. 5NINES’ world-class storage solutions can meet all of your needs.


What is Data Center Storage?

Data center storage refers to the various components, tools, technologies, hardware, software, and resources for safely storing data within data centers and enterprise infrastructure.


  • Instantaneous data retrieval
  • Fault-tolerant data backup
  • Secure cloud environment
  • Increased scalability
  • Flexible and affordable prices
  • Individualized storage management

Whether you are looking for storage, servers or a broader data infrastructure, 5NINES storage solutions will prepare your business for any emergency.

5NINES Storage Hardware and Software Benefits:

Networking and Internet equipment such as routers, switches, traditional fiber, MicroNet, cross connects

Data storage management software 

Physical security system & video monitoring, with biometric locks and keycard-access to our data center building

All-flash arrays and software-defined storage

Power outage backup and disaster recovery management with automated data replication and encryption

Daily scheduled data backup and retention with offsite disk backup

5,489-square-foot area offering private suite, cage and cabinets storage

Data recovery in minutes and hours, not weeks or months

5NINES successfully guided us through a network migration to a private cloud environment.  This provides us with very reliable network up time and a high degree of redundancy, which also helps us meet disaster recovery goals.

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Wind River Financial

Our Promise

At 5NINES, our name is a promise: We guarantee 99.999% uptime for all of our services. We enjoy delivering the highest availability, adaptability, and accountability in the industry.


Our customer support line is open and staffed by human IT specialists 24/7/365. Our average response to support tickets is 2-3 minutes, and 90% of tickets are resolved the same business day.

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