Data Center Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Disaster can strike your network in an instant. Servers can fail, power grids can shut off, and criminals can breach your network. Does your business have a Disaster Recovery Plan? 5NINES can help you create a customized Disaster Recovery Plan to eliminate downtime, minimize property damage, and protect your most valuable asset, your data. Keep your business going, no matter what!

Major power outage validates 5NINES crisis response and business continuity system

Find out how the 5NINES team jumped into action to protect customer data during a power outage that shut down Madison, Wisconsin. While many state government offices and local businesses had to stop operations for the day, 5NINES customers saw zero downtime.


  • Viruses and Malware: Viruses can enter your network when a user clicks on a phishing link and then steal your sensitive data and disrupt your operation.
  • Hard Drive Damage: Misuse of computers and laptops or accidental re-formatting your hard drive can cause data loss.
  • Theft & Data Breach: Lost or stolen laptops contribute to 40% of all data breaches.
  • Critical server failures: Business email, analytics or web servers failure can cause thousands of dollars of damage. 
  • Power Outage: Improper shutdown procedures can cause loss of unsaved data or corruption of existing files.
  • Flood and Fire: 70% of businesses that have experienced severe fire or flood go out of business within five years, largely because of the loss of critical business records and data.
  • Human Error: Accidents happen. Employees can delete documents, overwrite important files or press the wrong key, losing sensitive business data.


  • 68% of companies without a plan go out of business within two years after a major disaster
  • 1 in 5 businesses will suffer a major IT disaster within five years
  • 50% of companies have experienced a full day of downtime in the past five years
  • A business experiencing a computer outage longer than 10 days will never fully recover
  • 57% of business disasters are IT related
  • 25% of IT thefts happens in cars or other models of transportation
  • Human error is the leading cause of business data loss (Public data)
  • 50% of the companies that lost data due to a disaster event filed for bankruptcy immediately (National Archives & Records Administration in Washington)
  • Insured losses due to natural disasters in the United States in 2018 totaled $52 billion (Insurance Journal)

Downtime caused by disaster can affect product delivery dates, employee productivity, competitiveness, and lead to customer loss, intellectual property loss, compliance failure and possible litigation. In short, downtime equals lost revenue!

Why choose 5NINES?

  • Backup your data continuously and redundantly to our two Data Center locations in Madison and Milwaukee. Recoverable in minutes!
  • Avoid infrastructure costs related to disaster recovery (facilities, utilities, equipment, travel).
  • Outsource a highly technical job to a team familiar with the most complex configurations necessary for Disaster Recovery implementation.
  • Get a customized Disaster Recovery solution that suits YOUR business model, physically and virtually.
  • Sleep better at night with 24/7 monitoring of networks and systems.


Our experts will help you to define your company’s Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). The duration of time and the amount of data you can afford to lose are precisely calculated to minimize the effect of a business-disrupting event.

5NINES monthly up-time guarantee (average):

99.9%= ~ 43 minutes per month and 8.5 hours per year

99.99%= ~ 4.3 minutes per month and .85 hours per year

99.999%= (5NINES) 26 seconds per month and 5 minutes per year

5NINES best practices:

  • Understand business requirements and implement appropriate solutions to meet them

  • Develop a comprehensive plan

  • Determine proper location of IT sites and disaster recovery sites

  • Design solution options

  • Evaluate solutions and vendors fully

  • Manage implementation

  • Routinely test backup-and-restore process

  • Manage and monitor IT to avoid disaster

5NINES Disaster Recovery Strategy

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery are an important part of framing your business continuity strategy. In today’s environment of ongoing changes in climate, policies and technologies, business leaders should have a plan for instant recovery and versatility. 5NINES will identify and eliminate your biggest vulnerabilities by testing and maintaining your business continuity and disaster recovery plan.


Testing involves the following steps:

  • Walkthroughs– documentations are reviewed with company members
  • Simulations-a disaster is simulated to identify the weaknesses in all virtual and physical operations of business
  • Parallel Testing– applied in conjunction with the simulation test to verify historical data
  • Full-Interruption Testing-the total Disaster Recovery Plan is applied


Our experts will monitor and update the Disaster Recovery Plan according to the test results and in response to changes within your system.

  • Systems & Communication updates
  • Infrastructure updates
  • Organizational structure updates
  • Changes in compliance requirements

5NINES successfully guided us through a network migration to a private cloud environment.  This provides us with very reliable network up time and a high degree of redundancy which also helps us meet disaster recovery goals.

Doug Buan

Wind River Financial

Our Promise

At 5NINES, our name is a promise: We guarantee 99.999% uptime for all of our services. We enjoy delivering the highest availability, adaptability, and accountability in the industry.


Our customer support line is open and staffed by human IT specialists 24/7/365. Our average response to support tickets is 2-3 minutes, and 90% of tickets are resolved the same business day.