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Colocate with 5NINES

Housing your data and equipment can be overwhelming in terms of costs and space. There is so much to consider: security, accessibility, disaster mitigation, fire detection and suppression. How much energy will you need? Will you have the space? Will it be flexible enough to scale as your business grows? We get it. It’s a lot. We can help.

5NINES offers world-class, carrier-neutral colocation services in south-central, south-eastern and northern, WI. Our unparalleled data center environments will keep your most critical data and equipment safe, secure and available. We have a number of options that are all scalable depending on your needs.

Benefits of 5NINES Colocation


Colocation can save you considerable money. It allows you to secure your data without having to buy or build your own data center, hiring a team, or a number of related expenses. We provide the space, experts, security, redundancy and pay the electric bill.


Scaling your hardware up or down is easy with Colocation. Space limitations and network capacity won’t be an issue. 5NINES can help customize a set up that will evolve with your needs.

Physical security

5NINES built out its data center with security in mind. Maybe it is time to rethink storing your critical data in the spare office. 5NINES has a number of physical security measures in place that keep your hardware protected 24/7.

Disaster recovery

Colocation offers additional layers of protection from physical incidents or outages that could result in lost data. In order to ensure your hardware is functioning optimally we have redundant power sources and cooling systems in place to cut potential downtime.

5NINES Data Center Specs

Name:  Network222
Owner:  The Fiore Companies
Size:  2.0 Acres
Year Built:  1975
Location:  222 W. Washington Ave., Madison, WI
Commercial Power:  1.5 MVA, N+1, dual-diverse substation medium-voltage supply
Utility:  Madison Gas & Electric, redundant feeds
On-Site Office: 200,000 square-feet of class-A office space

Data Center Area:  5,489-square-feet
Type:  Purpose built
Floor:  Raised tile, 12 inches
Floor Load:  250 lbs per square foot
Roof Deck Height:  18 feet
Column Spacing:  30 feet
Loading Area:  Loading zone (grade level)
Parking:  On-site parking available
Building Access:  24/7 customer access (escorted or unescorted)

Services Type:  Private suite, cage, cabinet
Access System:  Biometric locks, key cards
Surveillance System:  High-resolution digital video
Standby Power:  350 KVA diesel
Fuel Storage:  24 hour+ on-site, 4-hour fuel contract
Power Conditioning:  Multiple UPS for A/B Redundant Power Supply, Online UPS, lead-acid storage
Fire Detection:  Particle and passive infrared sensing
Fire Suppression:  Interlocked pre-action dry pipe
Cooling:  Direct-expansion CRAC

Type:  Carrier-neutral facility
Entrances:  Diverse multi-entrance
On-Site Fiber:  Private MAN to local carrier POPs and colocation sites
Available Carriers: Airstream, AT&T, CDW, CenturyLink, Charter Spectrum, Hoyos, Hurricane Electric, Midwest Fiber Networks, Netwurx, Spiralight Network, SupraNet Communications, TDS, University of Wisconsin, US Signal, Verizon, Wisconsin Independent Networks, Windstream, WiscNet, Xenion, Metro Unified Fiber Network

Colocation Pricing*



per Rack Unit (RU)


per 1/4 Cabinet (10RU)


per 1/2 Cabinet (20RU)


per Cabinet (40RU)


per sq. ft. Cage Space (100 sq. ft. minimum)

Power & Cooling

Single UPS Power (includes single UPS feed, cooling & generator):


per kWh


per Amp at 208V


per Amp at 120V

A/B UPS Power (includes dual UPS feed, cooling & generator):


per kWh


per Amp at 208V


per Amp at 120V

*Prices are subject to change. Discounts are available to large orders. Please contact us with any questions.

Our Promise

5NINES provides innovative Cloud solutions that are driven by a custom-crafted approach. We enjoy delivering the highest availability, adaptability and accountability in the industry. Our Data Center is designed for and continues to meet our 99.999% uptime guarantee.


Call us for support 24/7/365, and you will speak to a human. Our average response to support tickets is 2-3 minutes, and 90% of tickets are resolved the same business day.

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