Carrier-Neutral Data Center

5NINES Carrier-Neutral Data Center

At 5NINES we are dedicated to providing enterprise-level IT service customized to fit your business network. Our carrier-neutral data center, also called Madison’s Telco Hotel, is entirely independent. With connectivity to more than 20 local and regional carriers, we provide the most choices available in the Madison area. Our unique physical location allows direct access to the main fiber and wireless networks serving southern Wisconsin. We are just two hours north of Chicago and one hour west of Milwaukee. With 5NINES, get direct access to the network provider of your choice!

Benefits of 5NINES Carrier-Neutral Colocation


Our carrier-neutral facility will keep servers and systems running 24/7 with 99.999% uptime guarantee. We have redundant power sources that provide instantaneous backup power from batteries and a diesel generator, and cooling systems to reduce the potential downtime caused by power outage or other incidents. We suggest to have at least two carriers connected to your most important systems so that one can support the system in case of the emergency. 


A carrier-neutral data center creates an environment where carriers compete for your business because there are almost no costs associated with switching to a new carrier. This makes connecting through a carrier-neutral facility the most cost-effective solution you can find.


As your business changes and you need to add or remove business lines, databases, or applications, one carrier may offer a more cost-effective solution. In a carrier-neutral data center, you can easily switch to the carrier that best meets your needs. 

Data Backup

Carrier-neutral data center protects your data from the man-made disasters or natural catastrophes. At 5NINES we know that even few minutes of downtime can cost additional expenses, loss of sales or wracked relationships with vendors and partners. Our carrier-neutral hotel offers 24×7 systems monitoring, video surveillance, physical security, automated data backup to the cloud and Disaster Recovery solutions. Our secondary data center in Milwaukee ensures continuous and redundant backup of your data and systems.

Our carrier-neutral facility is providing the cost-effective connectivity solutions with high redundancy and availability.

Our main carriers & connections:

AT&T Networks located at 5NINES Data Center in Madison WI
WIN Networks located at 5NINES Data Center in Madison WI
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Equinix logo
Hurricane Electric logo
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Hoyos Consulting logo
Cisco logo
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Midwest Fiber Networks located at 5NINES Data Center in Madison WI
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Our Promise

At 5NINES, our name is a promise: We guarantee 99.999% uptime for all of our services. We enjoy delivering the highest availability, adaptability, and accountability in the industry.


Our customer support line is open and staffed by human IT specialists 24/7/365. Our average response to support tickets is 2-3 minutes, and 90% of tickets are resolved the same business