5NINES' carrier-neutral data center will keep your critical data safe and secure.

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The quality of your business’s colocation center can make or break your business. The 5NINES carrier-neutral Data Center offers top-of-the-line security, power backups, and remote hands service all at your back door here in Madison.

Create your own cloud environment with us. Pay only for what you need when you need it.

Our carrier-neutral data center will keep your data safe and secure. 

There’s no better place to connect than at 5NINES CloudCenter located at Network222 in Madison, WI. Learn how we can help you protect your data and connect to 20+ network providers in the featured document.

Powered to the Teeth

Our data center sits in the best location atop downtown Madison’s dual-power grid. Located at Network222 in downtown Madison, our data center’s redundant grid was constructed specifically for critical state and federal government building needs. This sets the foundation for our 99.999% uptime guarantee.


  • A fully redundant core network with multiple, diverse Gigabit connection paths to the Internet
  • Carrier-neutral facility designed to take on traditional data center needs and Cloud services

Your data and systems can be continuously and redundantly backed up to our CloudCenter in Madison and our secondary data center in Milwaukee… safe and sound!

We’re the Fort Knox of Data Security and Integrity.

Security is the cornerstone of our business. That’s why we’ve chosen to meet the standards of the global Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) – the same strict standards adhered to by companies like Cisco and Microsoft.


  • Tier-3/Tier-4 standards
  • No single point of failure for HVAC, UPS, Power
  • 24×7 physical building and biometric security levels
  • Second disaster security facility in Milwaukee, WI
  • Dry-pipe fire protection
  • UPS and backup bio-diesel generator facilities
  • Redundant electrical grid circuits
  • Building Security Staff
  • Positive ID of authorized customers/agents
  • Security is customizable to client specifications and industry requirements

A major power outage only fuels 5NINES ability to protect your data.

Read a case study of how 5NINES protected customer data during a power outage that shut down Madison, WI. While many businesses had to stop operating, 5NINES switched into emergency mode with the mission to keep systems running and customers up to date.

Data Center Services Include

5NINES unique physical location allows direct access to the main fiber networks serving southern Wisconsin. Just two hours north of Chicago and one hour west of Milwaukee, 5NINES is the perfect colocation spot.

Network Services
5NINES designs efficient, reliable and secure WAN/LAN networks. Our Network Specialists design solutions that include total service redundancy.

Cloud Hosting
Create your own private cloud, create a hybrid or use our shared cloud infrastructure. Our Data Center is the perfect place to host your virtual servers for high-availability system needs. 

5NINES Data Center is the ideal location for your redundant Storage Area Network (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. Whether you need secure data storage or guaranteed ability to recover mission-critical information to bring your systems back online, 5NINES can make it happen.

Backup and Disaster Recovery
Your data and systems can be continuously backed up to our Data Center in Madison with our redundant data center in Milwaukee. 5NINES will work with you to customize our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions to suit your needs. 

Manage and Monitoring Services
5NINES can manage and monitor your entire technology infrastructure. Our service includes proactive 24×7 monitoring, system upgrades and maximum network availability. 

Carrier-Neutral Data Center
As Madison’s premier carrier-neutral Internet and Wide Area Network service provider, 5NINES gives you more carrier choices than any other provider in the Madison area—20 and counting!  

Cross Connects
In today’s hybrid IT world network and information security are top priorities. Eliminate hops and connect straight to the providers you need to thrive in a multi-cloud environment by ordering a simple cross-connect from you to them.  

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Using the Internet for communication—rather than private lines or frame relay offers cost savings, but risks security breaches. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) between remote locations ensures secure, private communications using inexpensive Internet links.

Our Promise

5NINES provides innovative Cloud solutions that are driven by a custom-crafted approach. We enjoy delivering the highest availability, adaptability and accountability in the industry. Our Data Center is designed for and continues to meet our 99.999% uptime guarantee.


Call us for support 24/7/365, and you will speak to a human. Our average response to support tickets is 2-3 minutes, and 90% of tickets are resolved the same business day.

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